Swing Mason Laser

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The Swing Mason Laser can be attached to a club shaft or one of our various mounts. The laser rotates 360 degrees both around its axis & the shaft/mount axis, making it one of the most versatile golf training tools. Based on your training objective, you can pair the Swing Mason Laser with any Swing Mason training tool listed below.

⦁●Laser Sensor ⦁● Pathfinder ⦁● Belt Laser & Rod Mount⦁● Hat Laser Mount ⦁● Club Grip Laser & Rod Mount

The Swing Mason Laser automatically disables at 75° above vertical 

Automated shut off switch after 3 min of inactivity 

Battery life - 10 hrs            Wireless charging time - 3 hrs           Frequency - 30 or 50 kHz    


US Patent 11,369,854 B1


Swing Mason Laser operation

Solid green light when the laser is charging

When the light is flashing green, the laser has finished charging

How to turn ON and OFF the laser