About Us

At Swing Mason, we specialize in developing training tools to enhance practice experience.

We know a new swing is hard to build. We have created a compact, versatile & easy system to address this problem. It gives golfers accurate real-time feedback when practicing their swing at home or anywhere to allow them to develop positive muscle memory of a new swing developed with a coach. 

As a master golf teaching professional with the USGTF, Walter noticed that a major frustration of golfers is the inability to replicate moves learned with a teaching pro after taking a lesson. From the perspective of a teaching professional, it is also frustrating to see students struggle with this problem.

We (Walter – teaching pro & Harri – golf novice) decided to resolve this common problem by utilizing laser technology to build swings “brick by brick”. Our knowledge of biomechanics, physiology, and 90 years of combined training and teaching experience in golf and other sports informed our design of the Swing Mason system. The system allows a golfer (working with a professional) to subdivide a swing into as many segments as needed, and learn them one by one, to build a new swing or achieve desired changes to a portion of an existing swing.

Harri Bronsky
Walter Leskiff