At Swing Mason, we specialize in developing training tools to enhance efficiency, joy and structure of golf practice & bond the relationship between teacher and student.



Why Swing Mason:


Precision: Our tools allow precise angles to be specified and re-engaged during practice.
Multi-functionality: All of our tools have the ability to be used for different applications and are designed to be integrated with each other to enhance efficiency according to your training objective.

Compact Size: A Golfer can carry a whole suite of our tools in their golf bag, allowing the ability to practice virtually anywhere.

Mobility: All of our tools are designed to work on multiple surfaces (turf, sand, mats, carpet, hardwood, vinyl, etc.) other than the Rod Stake, which obviously is designed only for turf and sand.


US Patents: Laser System - 11.379.854.B1, Protractor - 11.458.379.B1, Rod Stake - 11.458.379.B1, Belt Laser and Rod Mount - 11.701.563.B1, 11.379.854.B1, Pathfinder - 11.701.563.B1, 11.379.854.B1


Swing Mason System

Golf Protractor.


Thanks everyone who visited us at The Toronto Golf and Travel Show. We appreciate expressed interest in our products. Special thanks to all Canadian GTF members and Marc Ray the President of CGTF for their professional feedbacks and support.

 "Swing Mason is proud to partner with ParaGolf Canada and Todd Keirstead. We believe our golf training tools will improve ParaGolf Canada members' golfing abilities and help to "Build Your Swing Brick By Brick TM". We are thrilled to be able to support golfers of all abilities and this groundbreaking initiative".

We congratulate Brian McCain on induction to the Ontario Golf Hall of Fame. Well deserved Brian, all the best to you in your continued golf career. Swing Mason is proud to work with you.

We are excited to parner with the Olimpic Team of Canada for the deaf (under the leadership of Sam Smith) and are thrilled that golfers of all abilities find our training tools enable continuous improvements of their game.

Swing Mason Team

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